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The Windmill Lover ([personal profile] quixotic) wrote in [community profile] quixotism2013-05-14 06:34 pm

[fanfic] [cfud] Redux

Loki/Kirk, CFUD-based, some Into Darkness spoilers.

Jim leaves with Loki because he learned that you don’t say no to a God without earth-destroying consequences.

(He leaves because he can’t handle going back to Spock and handing him his pieced-together heart, can’t handle Spock crying again, can’t handle the drop of gravity, can’t handle that he lost)

When they step onto the bridge, Loki tells him, “You can always turn back.”
He’s lying.

Jim laughs at Loki’s lies.

He’s not a warrior but he can manage star cartography and he hides himself in the hidden depths of Asgard’s libraries. The dust covers his hair and sometimes he can’t see beyond shelves of books and parchment. He holds a quill.

He thinks of sleek white PADDs.

Jim adjusts but Loki wants more.

Sometimes he wakes up to Loki’s hands on his heart and he thinks, this is it, this is my death, my redux, my reboot.

Loki simply soothes him back to sleep with a kiss.

They pretend the moonscars on Jim’s chest are nothing.

Jim wears greens and golds, a circlet of blue around his head for his eyes to stand out.

Loki awaits the day when Jim sets them all on fire.

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