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pacrim AU, jim/loki
trying to be civilians post Dupli
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my heart

now do one where they have to go help cancel the apocalypse
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"We should gain their trust," Thor says, low and insistent, "Let Malekith take the Aether from his body and, at that moment, I shall destroy it both, the elf and his weapon."

Loki doesn't reply as he gently settled the heavy cloak around Jim's shoulders, tucking it in and stroking a hand through his hair.

"You know it would be best, Loki. You could pretend to betray me," and they both carefully ignore how there was a very real chance Loki might do it in truth, "and present him to them. Malekith would have to withdraw the Aether from him to use it and--"

"Such ideas," Loki interrupts, turning to look at Thor, "with so little care so to what might happen to James." He rises to his feet, walking the length of the ship as it flies. "No, Thor, I'll not risk his life."

"It is the only way to save our people, to save all the people of the Realms!"

"And I'd let Asgard burn to ensure the safety of this man!" Without raising his voice, Loki leans in, his eyes bright. Bright with madness and--and terror, which Thor cannot last remember having seen Loki show.

Even as he hung above the abyss, Loki had not feared, and seeing him display it so starkly now, Thor cannot understand it. "No harm would come to him," Thor says earnestly, "I swear it."

Neither of them notice Jim's eyes open as he listens to the brothers bicker.
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It nearly destroys Loki to see the shock in Jim's eyes when Loki throws him at Malekith's feet.

"I am Loki, of Jotunheim," he declares, and he cannot bear to look at Jim.

Trust me, he wants to tell him, wants to beg him to remember. He doesn't, keeps his chin raised as he he watches the Aether bleed out of Jim, stream out red and fluid like blood and it suddenly occurs to him:

What if they're wrong?
What if Loki has single-handedly destroyed the one man who has trusted in him, believed in him?
Even Thor's love had not survived Loki's anger and rage.

But then it's out, Jim collapsing at their feet, and the Aether swirls in the ashy air of Svartalfheim, glittering and glowing. Deadly, beautiful as Malekith spreads his arms, ready to take it in himself.

"Thor!" Loki screams, dropping to his knees to shield James, tucking him in against his own body.
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"There's no sign of Malekith, my lord," the soldier says, "Nor of Thor or the weapon. The mortal is still there, though. He was with..." He hesitates, and Odin doesn't quite know what to make of his expression. "There was a body..."

"Loki." Odin's voice is heavy.

"Yes, my lord. We tried to bring it back but the mortal would not allow us to. The magic that protected him is different from before, but it reacted similarly."

Odin knows it was Loki's work. He dismisses the soldier, and leaves the throne room. He walks into the bedroom and takes a slow look around before sinking down onto the edge of the bed.

"Loki has," he begins, but doesn't continue. There's no one left to hear him and Odin has never felt so alone with his thoughts.

There must have been something special about the human, something that he had not seen. Loki is--was not one to be easily swayed by mortals, and for him to use the last of his strength to protect a man who will soon die, Odin cannot understand it. Not when Loki had so easily sent so many men to their deaths not very long ago.

He misses his wife. There's no doubt in his mind that she'd have known why Loki, who had ever valued himself above all else, would die to protect a mortal man. Loki had ever been Frigga's son.