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[ FIC ] unless I be relieved by prayer

Snow Villiers, Lightning Returns

He buried her in Yusnaan.

At the time, it was not Yusnaan, but dust and sweat and the fading ocean, its waves sinking into oblivion with each tidal wave. He buried her there because she loved the sea and had always found ways to stay close to it. He was drunk on her romanticism, now he was dry of it, each bone creaking with every crack of dirt he dug up.

He buried her in Yusnaan, what will be Yusnaan, because he stayed and people gravitated to him like barbed wire, chaining him to the place. Not that he would have moved (he would not be moved), but now he could not leave, not with those hungry eyes looking at him with hope.

He buried her in Yusnaan and didn't look back. He doesn't even remember where. The smoke of industry and people clung to him like a second skin, and they named him Patron for his prowess and skill. He always wanted to be a hero. It always seemed to be an easy part to play, for the orphan and his friends, in a world that was against him. Now, in a world that seemed to depend on him and his fragile support. The Chaos hummed.

Her grave is now a city, a home to love and romance and decadence. And every day, he buries her in Yusnaan, under the glittering lights while the Chaos called him home.

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