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[ FIC ] colour

‘Even that is not so simple as you would believe,’ said the Dragon, ‘for whatever has stood in the world leaves behind an imprint, an echo, a scent, a spirit. What is destroyed is also reclaimed. What has been lost waits to be found.’

his hands were seeped in his father's blood. no healer was he, no light of stars or offworldly power to make him more than what he is, a son, with his hands over his father's body, trying to staunch the bleeding with rags and elven-cloth. it spurts and seeps, rich in colour in a landscape so grey, a colour so strong that it makes his eyes sting in fear.

his father, oropher of the evergreen fades to grey, fades into part of the battlefield, no more than a casualty of war. he thinks of calling for aid, for help, but all are deaf and dead to him.

his voice is hoarse though he cannot remember crying.

he is wed. the flowers bloom.

he comes home from a long campaign against the dragons of the north. his face stings of ash and bone and he conceals it best as he can, fey-grim and tall. his was a bloodline not long or noble but untouched and evergreen. evergreen like the woods that he raises and grows like his very own. he knows the saplings by name. he knows the bark by touch.

he comes home with blood on his hands and his wife is dead. 'strayed too far from the paths' his people say and he does not understand. were not all paths safe? he had grown them, nurtured them, tended them to his care.

'the monsters of gundabad struck swiftly,' they say and he does not understand.

the flower-crown wilts with age.

or some whispered reason in the halls.

the enemy struck the woods with their might while the rest were called to barad-dur. he called the woods to his aid and smothered them with his power. leaves choked the air, bark screamed. and the elves moved in the shadows, striking their enemy down. they were deadly trained, as their king has trained them again and again.

( for no elf should bleed colour )

tauriel is lost to an arrow and she departs with a smile. he would bless the grave but she would not appreciate such empty gestures.

( you have no love )

the woods are never the same. there is a listlessness in the air, a sense of betrayal. but he does not walk the woods anymore and sees to his people first.

who betrayed whom?

legolas departs for valinor.

like his father, he does not look back

the leaves are green again.

but the crown does not flower.

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