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(for sian)

Sometimes, Ganymede falls asleep. He's not used to camp, the way everyone is bustling and moving from one place to the next. There are some days he expects time to stand still and he would only hear the sound of his own heart beating. But camp lives like a whirlwind and he gets carried away.

Sometimes he wakes up and he's alone and there's no noise, no Apollo, nothing and the world has indeed stopped and he's afraid, he wants to run, but he stills the urge quickly. With a turn of his head, he closes his eyes once more and imagines the whirlwind.

and sometimes, he wakes up and there's a dream, a dream that's not real because what part of himself hasn't Apollo sank into and toyed with? What good is a dream anymore? but there are some stolen moments with his brother and the green fields that spanned his home and he could feel the tug of joy at his lips and then--

he wakes up. Typical.

Sometimes, he wakes up and there's no dreams and that feels worse because what else did he have but those desperate seconds of an imagination, and there's a jacket over his body, still warm and he pulls it tighter. Sometimes, Apollo taunts him, saying what if I take it away, what if I destroy it, what will you have left Ganymede?

but the jacket stays as if to spite Apollo and he never makes good on his threats, and Ganymede, with a lazy smirk, lulls himself back to sleep. And then came the dreams.
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< Gwen[sosiiiick] > write me gwendal/setinel
< Bumblebee > ... okay
< Bumblebee > Sentinel winced. Surrounding him was a veritable HORDE of ...those tiny mewling organics and a human who looked like he was experiencing a deep inner struggle. Not that Sentinel cared, he just wanted to escape this death-trap. He tentatively reached out to pick one of them except IT HISSED AND PRIMUS what was that thing coming out of its mouth?! He backed away quickly and looked at the man beside him, "A little help here?" Sentinel demanded. Gwendal just looked at him and said, "What for?"
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The horse is gone, the fire's still warm,
you moved on an hour before,
you like to keep me one step behind

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Title:The Odyssey of Shuri
Author:   [livejournal.com profile] timmesque 
Fandom: CFUD (07-ghost, Storm Hawks)
Pairing: Gen (Shuri, Aerrow)
Summary: "And then the story ended...for today"

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