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It was a summer day when Kento realized.

The bike was stiff under his feet, the pedals creaking with every push and the wind whipping around him, hot but not suffocatingly so as he drives down the road, the sea in his view and he thinks this is his life, his life here on the road with his bike and the sea and nothing in front of him nothing behind. And then there was Mei, suddenly there, like a wedge in his memory and the present, red clips in her hair, her scarf dangling low as she walks, to her own step, her own beat, no worries on her shoulders, a clear image in the morning.

And for a moment, Kento forgot he was in love with her because it was Mei, his best friend, the four eyed girl, simplest plainest thing, her hands are rough and often dirty (and Rihito always said how important it was to keep them clean, how can you hold a hand if you cannot care for it?) and she was slow and she never understood him but she did, and she was there, clear as the sky, in his mind, a moment for him to remember once again that he...

He shoved the thoughts towards the back of his head and continued onwards.


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