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< Gwen[sosiiiick] > write me gwendal/setinel
< Bumblebee > ... okay
< Bumblebee > Sentinel winced. Surrounding him was a veritable HORDE of ...those tiny mewling organics and a human who looked like he was experiencing a deep inner struggle. Not that Sentinel cared, he just wanted to escape this death-trap. He tentatively reached out to pick one of them except IT HISSED AND PRIMUS what was that thing coming out of its mouth?! He backed away quickly and looked at the man beside him, "A little help here?" Sentinel demanded. Gwendal just looked at him and said, "What for?"
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"For you."

Bumblebee stared. In front of him was a bouquet of brightly colourful flowers, of all kinds. He paused, looked back at Prowl and returned his gaze to the flowers once more.

"Sooooo... you got me. Nature." Bumblebee shuddered, "Uh. Why?"

Prowl looked at him very seriously and by very seriously, it meant that Bumblebee was supposed to somehow decipher the meaning behind Prowl's actions. Except Bumblebee kept checking his processor and came up with... nothing.

"It's for you," Prowl enunciated again.

"I-It's not like I appreciate it Prowl, really!" Bumblebee added hastily, "I'm just a little confus--," but the bouquet was thrust into his hands and like a ninja (or like a very embarrassed rookiebot, Bumblebee thought), he fled the room, leaving Bumblebee standing there with a bunch of nature in his hands.

"What am I supposed to do with this?!" A yell was heard throughout the base.

Prowl ...kept on walking.


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